07 April 2008

Director's Statement by Tom Cappello

In 2006, producer Scott Thigpen hired me to collaborate on a film focused on empowered women making a difference in underprivileged communities around the world. We began a journey to find three women who symbolized extraordinary strength, courage and determination. Women who were making a real difference in the fight against global poverty. Beyond that, we wanted to show what marginalized women and girls can accomplish, if given the chance in the face of great odds.

Initially, as a first-time feature film director, I was excited and awed by this task. There were endless stories of women who are improving their communities and their countries. Ultimately, we found three women who compel viewers to truly empathize with their activism. Each woman has different levels of strength and selflessness that drew me in to their world during filming and continued to astound me in the edit room.

Documenting the lives of these three remarkable women is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I observed firsthand the influence of infinite humanity. Each individual story is an exceptional, startling human journey told through their eyes and in their voice. In the end, the unique perspectives of these three women combine to create an unprecedented film about the power of the human spirit and the potential women have to change the world at large. They just need our encouragement and support, and I hope you will be moved to lend your voice and energy to the solidarity of women around the world.