02 July 2008

Film Affects Social Issues?

It is an interesting question and one that I may have answered too idealistically in the past. From the very beginning, I felt Scott's idea was visionary and risky. Both have proven to be the case. Audiences are genuinely enthused, entertained, informed and inspired at our screenings. People bombard Scott, Sheila, and myself after the screening, take our card, and promise to be in touch with their ideas on helping to make a difference. This is where life sets in and very little action happens. I must admit, I have been this person in the past and it angers me. I would say we have gotten 10-15% of realistic action from viewers at this point. Some gains have been significant, but at the end of the day, they are wildly inconsistent.

So is the film "A Powerful Noise" making a difference? In the end, I think it will happen. We have several private screenings being planned by viewers to increase meaningful awareness politically and financially. In terms of distribution, there are champions for this film out there and we are reaching them one by one. But without a higher profile deal in place, we lack the ability to affect a serious number of people. Having a feature length film opens many doors for telling these stories that did not exist in the past, but it is also an additional barrier for entry onto mainstream broadcast channels. In my heart, this is the best film we could have made and it is the right length to absorb the complexity of character and their situation. And in my heart, I see it having a huge impact by the time its life cycle is over and carriage on a major network.