12 July 2008

Reaching the Audience

Television executives tell doc filmmakers at every seminar or film festival conference to "know your audience." Pretty pat advice, but obviously it is true. But sometimes it feels like execs do not understand how powerful your film's audience truly is unless it fits into the vaunted 18-35 year old category.

Last week, we talked with BlogHer about their initiatives this year. They were excited that our film speaks to their core audience of women and might be helpful in launching a screening series they have in the works. If it happens, this is a great synergy for both of us as they speak to the audience we want to reach and our film can be an entertaining, informing, and inspiring evening for their core audience. Their website speaks to nearly 9 million female visitors a month. These are informed women who care about social issues and would be drawn to watching our film. They are not all in the vaunted TV demographic, but if the BlogHer crowd watches the film on TV then it would be a powerhouse ratings night for a broadcaster.

Additionally, we are beginning to hear from other non-profits. I reached out to Women's Empowerment International and heard back from them within an hour. They were excited that a film spoke to their work in providing microfinance options to women in Mexico, Benin, and Honduras. We will be speaking later this week and this is the beginning of getting additional non-profit partners on board to prove the power of women.

It is an exciting time as people begin to hear about the film and understand the value of partnership. This network of women will be the reason the mass public is aware of the movement and help it grow stronger.

Here's to hearing from you and how we can reach everyone about the film and the solution to stopping the marginalization of women and girls around the world.